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Winter activity

Tube sled <Sled Slope>

Tube sled <Sled Slope>
A 200m long course largest in the country!
Both a child and an adult are crazy about sense of speed and the force to slide down 200m at a stretch!
[Straight Course]
200m in length, up to six course
Use of service time 9:15-15:30 for free
I can move easily to the start point.
[Kid's Sled Corner]
It is the corner that can play with a plastic sled.
[free rental]
Tube sled, plastic sled
・The singles of the tube sled applies to 4 years or older. The child three years or younger, please get on with one ten years or older.
・Is wearing ski boots, snowshoe, of a tube sled and the rope-tow cannot use it.

Ski and snowboard <Family Slope>

Ski and snowboard <Family Slope>
A gentle slope of the beginner warm welcome!
250m in length, the slope of an average of an inclination of 7 degrees are good to a ski and snowboard beginner and a small child.
Two people hook. At unhurried speed, I feel relieved in the exercise of the child.
Service time 9:15-15:45
A lift ticket sale place: Country House (information), Chuo Guchi Rest Facility
Lift ticket sale time: 9:00-15:30
There is rental set (skiwear for skis, stock ski boots, the child)
Rental reception desk: Country House (rental corner)
For more info on "Rental ski service"
The sled play is not possible in the Family Slope. Please use Sled Slope.

Family slope lift ticket

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and winter vacation period of the elementary school in Sapporo-shi
Adult Child
Single ticket 150 yen 100 yen
Coupon (11 single tickets) 1,540 yen 1,030 yen
Four-hour pass 1,030 yen 620 yen
One-day pass 1,540 yen 1,030 yen
Weekdays (except the winter vacation period of the elementary school in ※ Sapporo-shi)
Adult Child
Single ticket 150 yen 100 yen
Coupon (11 single tickets) 1,540 yen 1,030 yen
Four-hour pass —– —–
Ticket whole-day-unlimited-ride on weekdays 820 yen 510 yen
A lift ticket sale place: Country House (information), Chuo Guchi Rest Facility
Lift ticket sale time: 9:00-15:30
※It is H29/12/26 - H30/1/21 during the period for the winter vacation of the H29 season

※I publish a "Takino first lift" security report in 2016 with railway business method group
H28 year "Takino first lift" security report

Information for Takino ski school <Family Slope> [lottery on that day]

Takino ski school

※I assume it a plan of the everyday enforcement during the season, but use or nonuse and lesson contents are changed depending on the situation of the slope. Please inquire whether you see a homepage as for the latest information to Takino Park Information Center (011-592-3333).

It is a lesson for a ski beginner, a beginner to enjoy skiing.

[the date]
12/24 (月振) - Sunday, March 31
[reception desk]
Higashi Guchi Rest Facility skiers salon
Ski beginner, beginner who goes to kindergarten in a kindergarten, a nursery school four years or older
(adult can participate, too)
I perform a lesson including けをし, the lift getting on and off for each level for a class.
The final aim is a snowplow. ※We don't use poles.
The けの indication, please take the following into account for a class. After an instructor has a talk, distributing it judges a real class.
I change by an instructor of the day.
(and I put a beginner class, experienced person classes together each 20 - around 40 times)
[participation fee]
200 yen (premiums) ※A lift charges, rental separately
★Please buy lift tickets "book of tickets" or "4 hours tickets" or "one-day tickets".

[application method]
1) Please fill out a lottery application at a reception desk before the following "lottery application time".
2) When there are applications more than capacity, I draw lots in the morning at 13:15 in 9:45, the afternoon.
3) After the lottery, the elected person, please file for the attendance immediately.

Time Part of the morning Part of the afternoon
Attendance (lottery) application 9:00-9:45 12:45-13:15
Lottery result announcement time 9:45 13:15
Attendance time 10:45-12:00 14:15-15:30

・On the day I accept the lottery application in the field. You can't reserve it.
・You call for the name of the elected candidate at the time of a lottery, but please be careful as a right becomes invalid when I am absent.
※When there is less number of the applicants than capacity, in the case of a lottery, the first arrival recruits you in the afternoon in the morning sequentially during until 13:45 until 10:15.
・You have to have a cap,gloves and a ticket holder.
・Don't take lesson with plastic skis or cross-country skis.
・It becomes the lesson in Japanese. I decline the lesson of the person who does not know Japanese.

Snowshoe <Takino no Mori Zone Kawagarasu Course Akagera Course>

Snowshoe <Takino no Mori Zone Kawagarasu Course Akagera Course>
To touch the snow, and to enjoy scenery, this is the first!
ふわっ, ふわ…The one which is necessary to walk over fresh snow only as for the curiosity and the snowshoe to nature! Wearing snowshoes,you can walk on snow easily. The scenery only in the snowy district including the footprint of trees and the small animal covered with snow spreads. You use Gokan to the full, and please touch the Nature.
[free rental]
Snowshoe, the binoculars snowshoe has child business (16cm - 23cm), too.
※持込 is OK, too!

Three courses that can enjoy various scenery

Takino no Mori Zone

・Indication of the walk time:
From 30 minutes to 2 hours
・[entrance] Takino no Mori Guchi
・[parking lot] Minami Parking lot
・[rental] Mori no Koryukan Center
It is area spreading in a sloping forest. The area is very quiet, and a sound to step cautiously on snow sounds. I can enjoy diving to buttocks sliding and fresh snow, snow and nature including the bird-watching. Guided tour by the volunteer
I hold (as for the details inquiry Takino Control Center 011-594-2222 required). It is ⇒ click about the Takino no Mori Zone
Kawagarasu Course

・Indication of the walk time:
One hour (about 2,000m)
・[entrance] Keiryu Guchi
・[parking lot] Keiryu Guchi Parking lot
・[rental] Takino Park Information Center
"The Ashiribetsu Fall" that a phenomenon called "ice cascade" (ひょうばく) happens for a freeze-up
It is a flat course toward this.
It is next to cross-country ski course and the sidewalk.
Akagera Course

・Indication of the walk time:
One hour (about 1,800m)
・[entrance] Keiryu Guchi
・[parking lot] Higashi Guchi parking lot
・[rental] Country House (information)
I advance towards Suzuran no Oka Tenbodai,
It is the course that can enjoy moderate ups and downs and the scenery of the hill.
The snowy field which spreads after falling out in a forest is magnificent.

Cross country skiing ski <all cross-country ski 6 courses>

Cross country skiing ski <all cross-country ski 6 courses>
It is sure to get satisfaction from a beginner to advanced skiers!
"Cross-country ski" to be able to enjoy to walk, and to slip, and to hike over snow. I can thoroughly enjoy winter scenes such as the forest spreading in the ice cascade of the waterfall and static this morning while breaking a comfortable sweat. From the gentle course to be able to walk leisurely to the full-scale course with many ups and downs, 6 different courses of the level are maintained. As there is the rental, do you not begin it casually?
There is rental set (skis, stock ski boots)
Rental reception desk: Country House (rental corner), Lodge Yukizasa
For more info on "Rental ski service"

Presentation of cross-country ski courses

The beginner's class 5km
Seseragi Course
Start and goal: In front of Lodge Yukizasa
Hearing the sound of Atsubetsu river, you will visit the waterfalls of Ashiribetsu and of Masumi. This gently undulating course is right-hand traffic
and ideal for beginners.
I display a course
Camp Site Course
Start and goal: Tsudoi no Mori
This course is around the Auto camp site starting from the forest of Tsudoi, ideal for beginners. Only one-kilometer long, the course is recommended even for those
who have never played cross-country ski.
Intermediate 3km
Ezorisu Course
Start and goal: Tsudoi no Mori
Starting from the forest of Tsudoi, the course is along the moderately rugged pathway to go back to the same place. You can enjoy the sound winter landscape
in Takino.
I display a course
Nousagi Course
Start and goal: Tsudoi no Mori
Starting from the forest of Tsudoi, the course on the the moderately rugged pathway in the woods leads you to the youth lodge. The course goes through another one in the wood to hook up with
the Ezo squirrel course.
The upper grade 10km
Kitakitsune Course
Start and goal: Tsudoi no Mori
Starting from the forest of Tsudoi, the course leads to the observation deck. Sled Slope
To the course between the forest which goes down the side, and greatly goes around the garden. Distance and 起
It is a balanced course of 伏.
I display a course
Kitsutsuki Course
Start and goal: Tsudoi no Mori
The course goes down along the sled slope from the observation deck
to go into the course in the wood going around the park. In all courses, the distance is the longest, too; ups and downs
It is a lot and is the high course of the degree of difficulty. ※Place (11 - where it has the same this course
As you pass 13-km mark) twice, you see guidance reputation well, and please run.

Play with snow Rebel is Takino! <spot for small children>

Spot for small children
"Is it still early in a ski and a tube?…""Have only to let touch snow a little…I introduce a recommended spot toward "with small child until around 3 years old thinking of like that.
[Takino no Mori Zone]
Snow of the Fuwa Fuwa is piled up and is area to be able to enjoy play with snow such as the buttocks sliding. The staff is resident in Mori no Koryukan Center, and there is the crib and nursing room, too. I can play the ball pool of the tree indoors.
★It is ⇒ click about the Takino no Mori Zone
[Kid's Sled Corner]
A Sled Slope neighboring plastic sled section. I bring in own sled and can play.

[Petit Sled Corner]

It is gentle tube Sled Slope spreading before Lodge Yukizasa.

[Nijinosu Dome (indoor)]

To the colorful net playground equipment which is next to the Sled Slope, the heart is ウキウキ, too.

[kids space (indoor)]

Country House/Higashi Guchi Rest Facility/Mori no Koryukan Center

Ashiribetsu Fall freezes!

Ashiribetsu Fall freezes
A famous place of Takino who was chosen as "100 Best Falls in Japan" with a certain personality expression of drop 26m. This waterfall begins to freeze from the end of December. "Ice cascade" (ひょうばく) means this phenomenon.
To Ashiribetsu Fall, it is about 1.1km from Keiryu Guchi Parking lot. I can go in foot, cross-country ski snowshoe.