[English] Go! Enjoy!

Go play outside!

Kodomo no Tani

In Kodomo no Tani, there is the playground equipment which did the fun that the tolerant, dynamic playground equipment which Daichi has and strange molding and the nest of the creature have in a motif a lot.
The symbol of the Kodomo no Tani rising in the green hill "Arizuka Tower." The net playground equipment "Nijinosu Dome" which knit seven colors of threads spreading in a cave, the strange basement Tunneler "Arinosu Tunnel" such as the maze to tie "Arizuka Tower" and "Nijinosu Dome" to is the fun amusement place where children including "the Fuwafuwa Egg" which flies on the film which it grew, and jumps, and can play air give nature and an opportunity touching it.

Kodomo no Tani

Arizuka Tower

Arizuka TowerA symbol tower of the Kodomo no Tani which light and water and a sprite of Wind live in. I can overlook Kodomo no Tani from the top of the tower. In the point that climbed the tower while looking for the ants which lived in the tower the slide with full of thrills! It is GO at a stretch to the ground!

Nijinosu Dome

Nijinosu DomeIt is the mysterious hideout where a net was set up around of the rainbow color that waits in a dome. The space where I hang and come, and a child can play absorbedly. It is a special place only as for the child that can go up to the top most. An age limit: Primary schoolchild or younger

Arinosu Tunnel

Arinosu TunnelMysterious Tunneler to run in the basement of the Arizuka Tower. The maze of the dark does not think by a series of dead end and weird footsteps; shockingly!

Fuwafuwa Egg

Fuwafuwa EggA Fuwa Fuwa cushion reflecting the image of the huge egg which appeared on the green grassy plain suddenly. An age limit: Primary schoolchild or younger (as for adult, impossible other than the attendant of the small child)

Mori no Seseragi (only as for the summer)

Mori no SeseragiHere is an oasis of the Kodomo no Tani. I play with water by the cool murmuring slop-slop on a hot day.

Cave of the hover

Cave of the hoverWhen step with a one step foot in a castle wall surrounded like a maze, adventure Zone mysterious in there. A lot of secrets to let a child throb!

The earth of the undulation

The earth of the undulationI get mysterious Horn that pointed out ニョキニョキ from the earth and embrace it and. It is interesting and is fun and becomes just crazy about it.

Lava slide

When slide down a huge slide reflecting the image of lava at a stretch; a force perfect score!
An age limit: 3 years or older

Open space of the earth

Open space of the earthThe big stage which piled up a stone. I sit down and take a rest and watch scenery and am an open space to be able to enjoy an opening-like atmosphere.


Mori no Sumika

Many playground equipments which used a certain nature in a forest. I touch the forest, and adult comes back in a child's mind unintentionally when I get close to the forest…That is Mori no Sumika.
"The Risu no Sanpomichi" which seemed to become the small animal is a forest of the adventure to know the pleasure of the forest in sunshine filtering through foliage including the appearing "Melody Kinoko" of the sound.

Mori no Sumika

Promenade of the squirrel

Risu no SanpomichiThe feeling that advanced in a net from a big stump to a stump seems to have really become the squirrel.

Kinobori Net

Kinobori NetIt is a net set up around the tree. Let's enjoy a view for a feeling to climb a tree!

Hideout of the forest

Hideout of the forestThe Tree House which appeared in a forest. Do you live?

Melody Kinoko

Melody Kinoko, Yurayura KinokoTo big mushrooms what xylophone! I play it for the feeling that became the small animal and will be idle!

Komorebi Net

Komorebi NetWe hear the whisper of the forest, and let's be suitable when we lie down in a forest.

Suspension bridge of the forest

Suspension bridge of the forestThe suspension bridge made of nets. It quakes whenever I walk and is thrilling.

Komrebi no Komichi

Komrebi no KomichiAt a slow incline, I can take a walk leisurely in a forest.

I fly wood

I fly wood"Tobashi line" which I used in old days to carry a tree here becomes the motif.

Mountain hut of the alien from forest

Mountain hut of the alien from forestThere is a pump and actually draws groundwater among them. When I take a break in the comfortable mountain hut which refreshing Wind goes through?

Studio of the forest

Studio of the forestThe rest station where sound and Wind of the forest are felt.

Secret bypath

Secret bypathTunneler to introduce the animals and plants of history and Takino of this forest to. There are shadow picture play and the game, too.


When a child uses a playground equipment, ensuring safety by their parents is necessary. In addition, I premise that their parents is accompanied about the child before the elementary school attendance at school from about 3 years old.

  • Please do not let me play with putting on a shawl bag and the clothes with foods, the shoes which are easy to come off in the body.
  • Please do not let me play in the playground equipment which does not fit an athletic capability and a build.
  • Watched the movement of the child, and controlled it when needed, and matched the athletic capability of the child; let play, and let's do a person.
  • As the customer of other groups and individual including a kindergarten and the elementary school uses the playground equipment, please play only group body not to occupy it.
  • The leader would like common knowledge, the instruction in the group about usage or the instructions such as playground equipments.