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Access to the park


Access Map
◆An address: 〒 005-0862 247, Takino, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi

Access Map

Public transport use access Map

・Public transport use access Map is this

Bus timetable

・ Please confirm the latest information at the bus time. Bus timetable this
・ The time is mixed up by a traffic condition. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
・ 8/13~8/15 becomes the diamond on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during a tray period.

★[Makomanai Subway Station] 発 → [Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi] going
・Chuou Bus Takino line [the truth 106] ② turn platform
・A fare: 450 yen for adults/230 yen for children
・The time required: About 31 minutes
・Contact Chuou Bus Nishioka Office (011) 584-3105

★[subway Fukuzumi Station] 発 → [Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi] going
・The weekdays service only as for 7/13-8/14
・Chuou Bus Ariake Line [fortune 87] ⑥ turn platform
・A fare: 630 yen for adults/320 yen for children
・The time required: About 44-50 minutes
・Contact Chuou Bus Omagari Office (011) 376-2424

[to a customer]
Three bus stops are in the park.
・Keiryu Zone the use…[Suzuran Park Keiryu Guchi]
・Chushin Zone the use…[Suzuran park Chuo Guchi] [Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi]
・Takino no Mori Zone, the east area "Mori no Koryukan Center" the use…[) after Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi (getting off about 30 minutes on foot
・When the use uses a bus stop [waterfall of Atsubetsu] out of the park in Takino no Mori Zone, the west area "Mori no Johokan Center", it is convenient. (after the getting off, about 20 minutes on foot)

★Makomanai Subway Station bus platform guide map

→The big image is this